Become a Member

5 Steps to BHYC Membership:

1. Have two Senior Members endorse your membership.

A new member is required to have two Senior Members of BHYC endorse their application as a Proposer and Seconder.  The Proposer and Seconder will be liaisons as new members of BHYC.  Please have their names and membership numbers ready before you fill out your membership application in step 2.
Are you new to the club? Contact our membership director and we will introduce you to a few Senior Members.

2. Membership Application Form.

Complete all fields of the application form to start the process. Payment must be submitted with the form.

3. Additional Services.

As a member of BHYC you may wish to purchase additional optional services such as dockage, locker space, dry sail, dinghy, kayak or winter storage. 

4. Application Posting and Review.

All membership applications are posted in the clubhouse for 14 days before being reviewed by our volunteer board of directors.

5. Welcome Package.

Once your membership application is approved you will be sent a welcome package including all the necessary membership documents you will need a s a new member of BHYC.