Overall Club Champion

To be eligible for the Overall Club Champion, deeded the Matulot Trophy, a boat must be registered for racing in the BHYC Club Racing Series. Points will be awarded to first, second and third place boats in any events that are:


Held between the first Club Series race and the Diehards Regatta, inclusive,
Organized and run under the sole authority of the BHYC Sail Committee, and
Have at least five eligible boats competing per division.

At a minimum, there must be separate divisions for PHRF Flying Sails (FS) and PHRF Non-flying Sails (NFS). Organizers are encouraged to include additional divisions (including a one-design Shark division) whenever the number of participants will allow for 5 boats in each division. Participants in PHRF fleets must have a valid PHRF-LO certificate.


The points awarded for different series/events are shown below in Table 1. The trophy is awarded to the boat with the most points. In the case of a tie, the trophy will be shared and engraved with both names.


EventPoints for 1st place Points for 2nd placePoints for 3rd place
Club Racing Series15105
Club Racing Overall15105
Bronte Rocks (BHYC boats only)531
Other BHYC events531


Boats are awarded points for placing first, second or third in the following Club Racing Series (best 8 races):


Tuesday Club Racing Series
Thursday Club Racing Series
Fall Club Racing Series


Points are also awarded for placing first, second or third in the Club Series Overall (best 20 races from the above three series).

Boats are awarded points for placing first, second or third in the Bronte Rocks regatta, with results re- calculated using only BHYC boats. (For this event, points will be awarded for all resulting first second and third positions, regardless of the number of BHYC boats in the division.)

Boats are awarded points for placing first, second or third in other BHYC events that have sufficient participation. (If non-BHYC boats participate in these events, their results are excluded.) These events can include but are not limited to the following.


Lady Helmsman Regatta
Crews Chance Regatta
BHYC Overnight Race
Pursuit Race
Turkey Race
Diehards Regatta


Any changes to these criteria should be brought to the Sail Committee by a sub-committee consisting of the three most recent (and available) past Rear Commodores – Sail.