Adult Sailing Program

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The adult program at BHYC is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the sport of sailing.  Many who take part in our program are future boat owners.  Others who take part want to understand the fundamental skills of sailing to become better crew members on one of many yachts that race in our community.

Adult Dinghy Lessons


Using our 14 ft. Club 420’s and CL14’s, participants will learn the full CANSail program from Sail Canada Instructors. Adult dinghy lessons consist of practical learning on the water including boat safety, handling skills, docking and sail controls as well as theory lessons that cover parts of the boat, knots, and right of way navigation rules.



Adult Keel Lessons


The BHYC keelboat program offers new sailors two different entry points both leading to Sail Canada Keelboat (Learn To Cruise) certification:


Start Keelboat Sailing – is an 18-hour program that teaches sailors how to crew aboard a keelboat. Learn about boat parts and terminology, weather, required safety equipment, how a boat works with the wind to sail and Crew Overboard recovery. You will learn to handle the sails (crew) and how to drive (helm) the boat.


Basic Cruising – is the 28-hour program that teaches you everything in the Start Keelboat Sailing program but also how to take care, command and control (skipper) of that keelboat. Which involves topics like basic navigation, rules of the road, anchoring and dealing with marine emergencies.